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Canadian Phone Number

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We have largest Coverage Area Codes, Choose New number or Port Yours for just 15$ Monthly.

Bootstrap your Business with Canadian Online Phone Number, choose a service Add-ons to jump start your e-Business.

  • Buy with Confidence, Secure Payment Via Paypal Payment, VISA, MC or Bank interact. Buy with Confidence, Secure Payment Via Paypal Payment, VISA, MC or Bank interact.
  • Global Access Service, 99.999 Uptime, Multilevel Backup Service & Support Global Access Service, 99.999 Uptime, Multilevel Backup Service & Support
  • Migration Compatible,  Port To Any Provider,  Service Activation within 24 Hours Migration Compatible, Port To Any Provider, Service Activation within 24 Hours

Online Canada Phone Number Instant Activation.

Setup Canadian Online Phone Number Instantly, Services like call IVR, Speech Recognition, call forward, voicemail, voice menu, staff extensions, fax to email etc can be added based on your requirements.

Answer calls on cell phone, mobile app or desk phone, secure messaging between users via instant messaging, Buy Online and set it up within 10 minutes.

With Unlimited Plan, your customers, family and customers can call you on Canada Phone Number free of cost, its a local call for them, Buy Canada Virtual Phone Number and add service feature like Online Phone System or business essentials to jump start your eBusiness.

Service Features allows you to add service type to your new online Canadian Phone Number, choose Service Type 'Just the number' if you just need a number and would like to setup the phone system feature later, or to add to your existing online phone system.

Canadian Phone Number System Features:

Global Reach Phone Number Dedicated Lines;

Receive Calls [Secure TLS], SMS, Faxes, Notifications;

Make Calls, Forward Calls, Play Greetings, Info;

Create extension numbers that can reach anywhere;

Process Answered calls, Queues, Conference, Voicemail;

Smart time and caller routing scenarios;

Get notifications for incoming call events;

Host conference calls instantly for hundreds of people;

Implement blacklists to block incoming calls;

Interconnect multiple phone systems;

Order extra line capacity instantly;

Use Android or Iphone App with Push Notification;

Private instant Messaging between phone users;

Automatic voicemail messages to selected email;

Receive inbound faxes and forward them to an email;

Port over Your Existing Number:

Can i change my current phone service provider in Canada ?

Yes!, You can port over your current number and change your Phone Number Service Provider.

We can port in your number from bell, rogers, vonage, commwave, magicjack, sonatel, acanac, koodo, telus, windmobile, mobilicity and many more.

To use your own number, on the order page, select port my number.

Canadian Online Phone Number

Activate Your eCommerce Website:

Jump Start your ebusiness with our ready to use, hosted or On premises ebusiness essential suite of products and services, Activate your new ecommerce website + hosting instantly.

Add Accounting System, Order Management Features, like inventory control, RMA, Automated Invoicing, Automatic Bill and Payment Collection to Customers and outsource your live chat and support to our Team of Live Agents.

Deploy websites for your new product or service for cross selling, create virtual assets instantly.


Whats Included?

A Ready to Publish Website + Hosting on Monthly Pay as you go.
Unlimited Email Accounts and Mailing engine.
Option to edit source code.
Ecommerce Ready with Product or Services Add to Order and Self Checkout.
Inventory and Cost Management.
Automated Invoicing and Stock Updates.
Upgrade to Lighting Fast Hosting Load Balance and Fail over Feature.

Web engine Addons:

Outsource design service of logo.
Custom Pictures for your products or web front
Inventory and Cost Management Integrated System.
Automated Invoicing and Stock Updates to Website.
Integrated Accounting and Annual Reporting.
Outsourced Live Chat Support Agent for Your Customers for Pay as you go
Add to Order and Self Checkout and POS App for your Retail Stores.
Customize your web machine specs on the fly and add different regions for search engine positioning.
Instant connect ready; sell your products to Market Places like Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart, Mercado Libre.

Service Purchase Terms and Conditions.

  • Online numbers includes online phone system and are subscription based service unless bought for port out purpose.
  • Number of extensions on Provided APP is limited to 3 per number fpr service abuse prevention.
  • All Services offered on No Contract.
  • Ready website is Hosted and billed on monthly basis in advance.
  • Ready website comes with the products and pictures as shown on product or demo page.
  • Live Chat and Support Agent 9-5 is a Monthly Service billed in advance every month.
  • Service Activation is within 24 hours, with some exceptions.
  • Outgoing Calls within US-CA are charged at 1.5-2 cents per minute
  • Toll Free Calls Inbound Rate is @ 2.5 - 3 cents a minute.
  • Pay as you go services are billed by using Top Up
  • No Credit Card Record is Kept on file, Payment is via
  • You must port out the premium purchased number within 25 days.

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